Al Brown / Fujitsu

Al Brown is Director of Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence at the Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies, Fujitsu.

Al is a former Research Fellow at Oxford University, researching perception, information integration, and optimisation for competitive advantage in biological and computational systems. He was previously the lead for UK Ministry of Defence on the study of global strategic trends in robotics and artificial intelligence, and its impacts on conflict. The veteran of numerous experimental exercises, testing remote and autonomous systems and A.I. tools for conflict, Al authored Defence’s short book on Human Machine Teaming.

He writes and has lectured on related subjects at the Alan Turing Institute, Oxford University, UCL, Cranfield University, and other military and academic institutions. He has also been one of a group of government experts on lethal systems and autonomy, providing advice to and speaking at the United Nations.

Al is also a former Army officer. In addition to other operational tours in Afghanistan and the Balkans, he commanded an explosive ordinance disposal and high-risk search regiment and led the counter-IED squadron in Afghanistan.