Dr Muhannad Alomari , European AI Hub Lead, Rolls-Royce
Dr Muhannad Alomari / Rolls-Royce

Dr. Muhannad Alomari is the head of the London AI Hub in Rolls Royce plc. He finished his BSc and MSc in Mechatronics Engineering, and his PhD in Machine Learning and Robotics from the University of Leeds. He was awarded the Research Excellence Award, and the runner up position from The European Association for Artificial Intelligence for his PhD work, and his contribution to the field of AI. Dr. Muhannad has authored 13 papers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, for which he received a number of Best Paper Awards from top AI conference. In his current role, Muhannad is responsible for leading a team of AI specialists to help Rolls Royce develop a number of capabilities, tackling some of the most challenging engineering problems in