Marta Janus / HiddenLayer

Marta Janus, Principal Adversarial ML Researcher, Hidden Layer

An experienced threat researcher with long stints at both Kaspersky and Cylance, Marta Janus has the full arsenal of skills for tracking adversaries and dissecting code. She’s got years of experience in reverse-engineering software and firmware, in threat hunting, and in uncovering obfuscation and anti-reversing techniques.

Now she’s setting her sights on the emerging field of adversarial machine learning and adversarial AI research for startup HiddenLayer. She’s part of the company’s Synaptic Adversarial Intelligence (SAI) team, which has helped drive the company’s direction in developing a platform to detect attacks against ML systems.

It’s a bleeding edge field of research and the platform was recently named as a finalist for the Innovation Sandbox awards at the RSA Conference next month. On the publicly released research front, Janus hit the ground running after joining the team last year. In December, she and her teammates put out a proof-of-concept (POC) report about how a threat actor could use PyTorch ML models to infiltrate enterprise networks.